Mayors remain, Aldermen change after vote

white and grey voting day sign
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Lodge Grass Mayor James “Quincy” Dabney and Hardin Mayor Joe Purcell were re-elected by acclamation in Tuesday’s election.

Both Town of Lodge Grass’ aldermen candidates, Rhiannon Cummins and Sheila Turner, were elected by acclamation.

One of the two City of Hardin aldermen positions have changed. Steven J. Hopes defeated Ward 1 incumbent Karen Molina, 87 votes to 32 votes, while Riley C. Ramsey earned 39.

Rock J. Massine defeated Harry Kautzman 100 to 96 votes in the Hardin Ward 3 race.

Clayton Greer was reelected by acclamation to Hardin Ward 2, while Antonio Espinoza was elected by acclamation to fill the remaining term in the same ward.

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